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BYOD Secure Work Space for Apple iOS, Android’s, and BlackBerry’s for Any Size Company


The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) issue happens at any size company. Employees want to use their own devices, Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry for work because it is easier for them. Employees do not want to carry a second cell phone or any device for work. The issue for the company is how to protect our company’s information, while allowing the employees to use their own Apple iOS, Android or BlackBerry. BlackBerry has provided that solution with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 software. It allows any size company the opportunity to secure their work space with an app that works on Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. The way BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 software secures the device is the company downloads BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 software to their server and then downloads, core starter apps such as email, contacts, calendar, and a fantastic and secure HTML5 compatible browser. The company now has secure connectivity integrated into every level of the Apple iOS, Android’s, and BlackBerry’s system. Most importantly, data in transit is routed through secure global BlackBerry infrastructure. The best part for any size company is they will no longer need an expensive VPN and deployment is straightforward. Global technical support is available. An added benefit is if an employee leaves the company or loses their Apple, Android, or BlackBerry, the company will have the ability to wipe the company’s information off that device without losing any of the data. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 software brings the BYOD secure work space to a whole new level and allows any size company a safe way to protect themselves.