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Easily Cleanable Keyboard to Keep the Germs Away



The statics show that any keyboard on average has 65 times more germs than a toilet seat. That may seem shocking, however very true. When was the last time you were able to clean your whole keyboard, between and under the keys? On most keyboards you cannot get between or under the keys without tearing the whole keyboard apart and even then may not get every germ. Even the keyboards with or without a plastic cover overlay will have crevices where viruses and bacteria can congregate no matter how many times the product is wiped down.  What if you could have an easily cleanable keyboard that can be used with touch technology of a tablet that is functional for any work area? HospiTouch keyboard and glide pad (mouse) combination allows for germs to be easily cleaned away. HospiTouch has a unique; touch capacitive input device housed under a glass surface and can be operated while wearing surgical gloves. The layout is set up just as any other keyboard and is ideal for use in applications where infection control is critical. Each key is rated for over 100 million touches. The glide pad allows no need for a mouse, which will dramatically improve the cleanliness of your environment.  The glass surface allows for the unit to be resistant to acid, hand perspiration, dust and fluids. HospiTouch can be easily cleaned with disinfecting cleaning supplies with one swipe – giving germs nowhere to hide!