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911 Emergency Dispatch Headsets, Adapters, and Possibilities

Category: LIT Blog
Created on September 03, 2013


911 Emergency dispatchers are truly some of the most amazing people. They keep calm under pressure, even when the person on the other end of line is not. They are the soothing voice that helps the panicking person on the other end of the line calm down and provide the information they need to be able to send help to them. 911 dispatchers are also the first to tell you they do not always have the best equipment due to budget cuts. Plantronics took that message to heart and for over 50 years, they have been making reliable, clear sounding headsets and adapters for 911 emergency dispatchers. Plantronics headsets and adapters are affordable and come with a one year warranty. In recent years Plantronics has taken this message a step further by creating a program just for 911 Emergency dispatch departments. Plantronics now offers a trade in program to allow 911 emergency dispatch departments to trade in their old/broken headsets and adapters. When the 911 emergency dispatch departments are ready to purchase their new headset and adapters, they will receive money off of their new headsets and adapters. It is a win/win for Plantronics and the 911 emergency dispatch departments.


911 Dispatchers